Heal Autism

Helping Mom To Overcome Challenges Of Raising A Child With Autism

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our mission is to empower you to naturally heal Autism so that you and your child can live a fulfilling life you deserve.

I wish to create a caring and loving world so that children with autism can live independent and fulfilling life .

Empowering You

Whether you’re new to the autism journey or have been on it for years, this bite-sized program will provide you with the education you need for the very best results possible for your child’s greatest success…from a mom who has done it!

If you’ve struggled with trying to figure out what to do for your child or you’ve plateaued on the recovery journey and don’t know what to do to actually get the results you’re looking for then this is for you.




Only being labelled as autistic is enough to carry. Having all these differences of behaviours that are easily noticed by society and being seen as disabled is challenging having a child with autism . It is my greatest desire to share with you that there is a brighter future for a child diagnosed with autism.  If I naturally heal my child, why not you?

Our Core Values





What My Awesome Customer Say!

"For years I struggled with sleepless night.  Thanks for this training. So powerful!"



"when I heard the first word from my son at the age of 4 years  old. I knew he can speak more than one word."




"I never knew that my daughter can actually eat vegetables. My daughter started eating everything when she was 6 years of age after having two sessions".

— Betty Aketch 


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